Alliance Fest

Alliance is research opportunities to sponsor musicians in florida to peform online

Alliance Insurance would like to sponsor local artists in florida to perform for a facebook event. The gig will be for one hour and can include up to $500 if we meet our goal. We aiming to choose up to 50 different artists throughout the state, including some randomly and others that have been selectively chosen. But first we need to gauge the amount of interest there is from musicians in the Florida area. Alliance would be advertising your event on our social media pages and also from our sales agents. This could be great exposure, and who wouldn't want an extra $500 now anyway? We will require some reciprocal exposure back and will provide you graphics to post on your social media profiles before and after the event and will also provide you with a script to mention during your event.

The information below is to gauge the interest and possible opportunity. We are not selling your information or using it for alternative purposes.

Submit your information below for your chance to be selected